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Chance The Rapper has new music on the way. Late Monday evening, the rapper sent out a one-word tweet. It read simply, “July.” Shortly after that Chance’s manager Pat Corcoran added two more words: “CHANCE ALBUM. JULY.”

Three years after his monumental, Grammy-winning debut Coloring Book, it seems Chance is ready to make another big statement. Of course, it hasn’t been radio silence from the Chicago rapper. Since then, the 25-year-old has advocated on the behalf of under-funded public schools, purchased a newspaper, appeared in a Super Bowl commercial, and released a string of singles last year.

The big news comes Chance was spotted in the studio with Kanye West late last year. The pair is rumored to be working on an album of their own titled “Good Ass Job.”

Chance also found himself most recently for his appearance in the Docu-series Surviving R. Kelly In it, he apologizes for working with the alleged sexual abuser.

“Chance 4” will be heavily anticipated, however, as it represents his first record since ascending into the pop culture upper echelon. It will be interesting to see what creative risks, if any, the young star will choose to take in this new position. Come July, I guess we’ll know.

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