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Chance The Rapper might one of the top five rappers, dead or alive, at using social media. He uses it to promote his philanthropy and political activism, he uses it take make smart points about pop culture, from music and films to current events, and he manages to do it all while maintaining a healthy sense of humor about himself, which is good when anyone with an anonymous burner Twitter or Instagram account can reach out and roast you from anywhere in the world. In this case, it looks like Chance beat them to it, with a self-roast based on a photo of his dad.

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“Do this look like me and drake put together,” he wonders, and it has to be said: He has a point. The younger Ken Bennett does bear a strong resemblance to his sons Chance and Taylor but if you tilt your head and squint, there are definitely some shades of Drake and his own father Dennis Graham — especially with that traditional “dad ‘stache.” Of course, Chance pointing it out prompted a number of amusing comments under the photo, including “Drake The Rapper” and comparisons to “Gina from Martin.” Chance knew what he was getting into when he posted it though. At least he hasn’t become a meme like Cardi B and her throwback picture — yet.

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