It seems answering people’s cries for change has become Kim Kardashian’s new calling: less than a week after she successfully lobbied the White House for prison reform, she might have just convinced Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to implement an “edit button.”

Talking to Dorsey at Kanye West’s 41st birthday party, Kardashian claims to have pitched something Twitter users have been requesting for years: a button to fix their clumsy thumbs’ slip-ups.

While Dorsey didn’t confirm or deny the conversation, he did conduct a little ad-hoc market research, asking his 4.2 million followers what they’d actually want from an edit button — whether it’s more important to quickly edit tweets within a short time frame, or whether the ability to edit anytime should be considered.

Of course, in true Twitter style, everyone had an opinion. Here’s a roundup of just some of the points made in the grand “Should Twitter get an edit button?” debate.

Do you think Twitter should get an edit button? Share your thoughts in the comments — and then change them.

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