Blondey McCoy is in a giving mood as the holiday season rolls around. Taking to Instagram, the Thames designer announced he will be selling rare Supreme, Palace and Thames items from his and fellow skater Lucien Clarke’s personal collections to raise money for charity this weekend.

All proceeds will benefit the House of St. Barnabas on Soho Square, a 155-year-old charity that is devoted to breaking the cycle of homelessness through employment.

“Top drawer clobber,” as McCoy puts it in his Instagram caption, will be available at 70 Berwick Street in London this weekend. This isn’t the first time that the skater-turned-model-turned-designer has sold items from his personal collection to raise money for charity, with some of his archive pieces going on sale almost exactly a year ago.

Peep his Instagram post below to see if anything catches your eye and, if you’re in London, head down to 70 Berwick Street to see if you can snag yourself a rare vintage piece.

A first glance at the goods. All of the above (and so much more) will be sold this weekend at number 70 Berwick Street to raise money for the House of St. Barnabas on Soho Square, a 155 year old charity devoted to breaking the cycle of homelessness through their employment programme. What do you want to see there?

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'The Flogging of a Sacred Tracky.' Top drawer clobber from the wardrobes of @darkclarke87 and myself. Next weekend on Berwick Street. All profits go to the charity of the House of St Barnabas. 'Working together we can break the cycle of homelessness.' Photo by @rum_bertino.

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