Now that the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards have come and gone and Katy Perry can hang up her Moon Person suit, we’re left reeling from another night full of incredible performances and memorable moments.

We’re also still trying to solve a number of mysteries that sprung up on the red carpet before the show, as some of the outfits we saw were truly mesmerizing and confusing in all their satiny, sequined glory. Here are is a handful of our favorite snapshots from the 2017 VMAs that are our favorites for no particular reason, along with some of the questions we’re still trying to answer about pretty much all of them.

  • What kind of bird is in Lil Mama’s cage?

  • Why did Fall Out Boy bring extras from Where The Wild Things Are as their dates?

  • How many colors does Chance The Rappers 3 cap come in?

  • Does Jared Leto’s sequined cape have magical properties/Is this Jared and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and nobody told me?

  • Did NASA sign off on Katy Perry’s Moon Person suit?

  • (Editor’s note: JK)

  • Do you think that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is P!nk’s favorite movie?

  • Did Lorde and Jack Antonoff call each other in the middle of the show?

  • What kind of exotic bird feathers are on the skirt of Lorde’s amazing gown?

  • Is it the same kind of exotic bird that sacrificed its feathers for Cardi B’s robe?

  • Why is Cardi B such a perfect human?

  • Yes (We know this isn’t a question whatever I am breaking the rules of my list I am drunk with power)

  • Did Miley feel up her future self in the middle of her performance?

  • Does Jack Antonoff wash his jeans with like colors/Is Jack Antonoff a secret genius when it comes to denim maintenance?

  • Is there a chiller baby than Asahd?

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