1. Via Amazon


    2. Via Tesco


ID: 10968221

  1. 3. Do you prefer Fruit Salads or Black Jacks?

    1. Via The Sweet Emporium

      Fruit Salads

    2. Via Treasure Island Sweets

      Black Jacks

ID: 10968236

  1. 4. Do you prefer Snickers or Mars Bar?

    1. Via Tesco


    2. Via tesco

      Mars Bar

ID: 10968259

  1. 5. Do you prefer Whams or Refresher bars?

    1. Via Keep It Sweet

      Wham bars

    2. Via Party Nutters

      Refreshers bars

ID: 10968291

  1. 6. Do you prefer a fizzy cola bottle or a plain cola bottle?

    1. Via Keep It Sweet

      Fizzy cola bottle

    2. Via Sweets And Treats Wholesale

      Plain cola bottle

ID: 10968314

  1. 7. Do you prefer Maltesers Celebrations or Galaxy Caramel Celebrations?

    1. Malteser

    2. Galaxy Caramel

ID: 10968387

  1. 8. Do you prefer Twix or KitKat?

    1. Via tesco


    2. Via kitkat


ID: 10968390

  1. 9. Do you prefer Penguin bars or Club bars?

    1. Via Tesco

      Penguin bars

    2. Via Tesco

      Club bars

ID: 10968430

  1. 10. Do you prefer Aero or Wispa?

    1. Via Aero Chocolate


    2. Via Cadbury


ID: 10968480

  1. 11. Do you prefer Dairy Milk or Galaxy chocolate?

    1. Via B&M Stores

      Dairy Milk

    2. Via Galaxy Chocolate


ID: 10968520

  1. 12. Do you prefer Nestlé chocolate or Cadbury?

    1. Via Nestlé


    2. Via Cadbury


ID: 10968503

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Becky Barnicoat is writer and illustrator for BuzzFeed and is based in London.


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