In celebration of Buffy’s premiere 20 years ago, let’s see how much of it you actually remember.

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  1. In which episode does every member of the Scooby Gang lose their memory?

    The entire Scooby Gang gets complete amnesia in “Tabula Rasa” after a memory spell Willow casts goes wrong.

  2. Which vampire tortured and sired Drusilla?

    Spike / William the Bloody

    Spike / William the Bloody

    The Master

    Not only did Angelus sire Drusilla, but he also tortured her to the point of insanity by murdering her entire family right in front of her. Yeah.

  3. What is the room number Buffy and Willow shared in college?

    Buffy and Willow shared room 214 in Stevenson Hall at UC Sunnydale.

  4. Who sought to preserve and defend the Key?

    Knights of Byzantium
    Order of Dagon

    The Order of Dagon was an ancient order formed solely to protect the Key, and they were eventually destroyed by Glory. The Knights of Byzantium were devoted to destroying the Key in order to prevent Glory from finding it.

  5. What test did the Council put Buffy through on her 18th birthday?

    The Watchers Council put Buffy through Cruciamentum, which is a time-honoured rite of passage for Slayers. The test temporarily weakens a Slayer’s powers then pits them against a particularly dangerous vampire.

  6. How old was Angel when he became a vampire?

    Angel was the ripe old age of 26 when Darla sired him outside a tavern in Ireland in 1753.

  7. What is the holy night of attack vampires celebrate annually on 4 October?

    The Harvest
    The Night of Saint Vigeous

    The Night of Saint Vigeous

    The Feast of Lothos

    The Night of Saint Vigeous commemorates the ancient crusade of vampire Saint Vigeous through the Middle East.

  8. True or false: There are some vampires who are immune to crosses and holy water, and they can also enter human residences without invitation.


    Turok-Han, aka “übervamps”, are an ancient and extra powerful breed of vampire who are way tougher to kill than the regular ones.

  9. What was The Initiative originally called?

    Demonology Institute
    Demon Research Initiative

    Demon Research Initiative

    Artificial Life Investigation Initiative

    Artificial Life Investigation Initiative

    Demonology Initiative

    The Initiative was initially established during World War II as the “Demon Research Initiative”, studying demon activity and physiology to help the US war effort.

  10. What demon is able to warp reality?

    Gachnar, also known by the badass name of “Dark Lord of Nightmares”, can warp reality, induce hallucinations, reanimate corpses, and tell the future. Talk about multitalented.

  11. Who killed Kakistos (aka “Kissing Toast”)?

    In “Faith, Hope, and Trick”, Faith eventually overcomes her fear of Kakistos (who’d killed her original Watcher) and stakes him at his Sunnydale warehouse.

  12. Which of these is not a demon species?

    While all the others are demon species, “Tothran” is just a thing I made up.

  13. What was the all-female demon cult who tried to open the Hellmouth in Sunnydale called?

    The Sisterhood of Jhe were a gang of demonic humanoids who tried to open the Hellmouth back in 1999. They also would celebrate winning fights by eating the other person/demon they fought against.

  14. Which demon did Richard Wilkins eventually embody?

    Mayor Richard Wilkins became an Olvikan during Ascension – a super-strong 60-foot-tall, almost invincible green snake.

  15. Which document prophesied the rise of the Master?

    The Pergamum Codex was an ancient document that among other things, prophesied Buffy would be killed by The Master, who’d then rise to power.

  16. Which language did the Glove of Myhnegon respond to?

    The Glove of Myhnegon could summon and fire lightning – but only if you gave it commands in Gaelic.

  17. Which disguise did The First Evil never use?

    The First took on a ton of disguises, including Joyce Summers, Spike, and Buffy herself – but never Giles.

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