All through the lead-up to its release, Rick Ross described his ninth studio album Rather You Than Me as his magnum opus. Now that it’s finally out, it’s living up to those claims and garnering the MC critical acclaim.

The album boasts a multi-faceted list of seemingly disparate guests from Young Thug to Nas, Dej Loaf to Raphael Saadiq. Coupled with a promotional tour that deployed Chris Rock and Martha Stewart hocking for the Bawse’s new LP, Rather You Than Me is a demonstration that Ross’s universe is as expansive as it is expensive. Mid-way through the album, he brings together Future, Jeezy, and Yo Gotti for its most star-studded track “Dead Presidents,” a process he outlined to MTV News at the 2017 Woodies.

“Power is money, and we just wanted to break that down,” Rozay explained. “I wanted to get myself, Young Jeezy, Future, Yo Gotti, representing being the foundation of the South, and just get on a track.”

With all three featured MCs releasing and promoting projects in 2016, it was difficult to get everyone in the studio at the same time, but that didn’t stop Rozay from orchestrating the get-money anthem.

“Me and Jeezy sat down, we had dinner in New York City one night, and we were just discussing possibilities and we both exchanged ideas,” he said of the collaboration process. “The next day, we switched beats with each other. We gave each other an E.T.A. for when we could expect that back. Me and Yo Gotti, we were in the same city, we linked up, we went in the studio together. Me and Future, we’re always on the phone back and forth.”

Between digesting the album and having the freshly released video for “Trap Trap Trap” on loop, there’s no shortage of new Rozay, but if you’re still hungry for more, sit tight. Ross also teased a video for “Dead Presidents” on the horizon saying, “shooting the video for this should really be something special.”

Whether “something special” means there will be Abraham Lincoln cosplay involved remains to be seen.

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