1. The Croatian coast

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“A few years ago, I backpacked along the Croatian coast for a week. And it is still, hands-down, the best trip I’ve ever taken. I started in Pula in northern Croatia, the site of one of the largest Roman arenas in the world, and made my way down the coast to Zadar. From Zadar, I day-tripped to Plitvice Lakes and marveled at the beauty of the crystalline waters of the cascading lakes. It just might be the most beautiful place on earth. And I ended my trip, Game of Thrones-style, in Dubrovnik. I stayed in hostels along the way, so the total cost of the trip wasn’t bad at all, and I met the nicest people along the way. I’d recommend this trip to absolutely anyone.” —Jon-Michael Poff

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7. Bologna, Italy

Bologna, Italy

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“My first solo trip was to Bologna, Italy. At first I was really regretting not going on a trip with friends as I sat next to a group of girls at the gate, but by the end of the trip I was more than elated that I had gone alone. I finished a book all about solo girl travels (What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding) right before leaving, and it was a perfect inspiration. Every time I felt lonely, I remembered how Kristin Newman (the author) learned to be at peace with her own thoughts and I was okay again. My favorite part of the trip was when I accidentally bought a train ticket to the wrong place, but ended up in a small city called Bassano del Grappa. I was able to make the decision to go there instead on a whim, and do whatever I damn well pleased when I got there. I learned a lot about myself in my capabilities of travel and communication. I’d never trade my solo travel experience for anything and I can’t wait to do it again.”

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12. New England

New England

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“I just completed my first ever solo trip this past weekend! I visited several places along the New England coast including Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. I flew into Boston and stayed at an adorable bed and breakfast in York, ME and had a rental car to go everywhere in between. There was so much to see, the scenery was breathtaking, the food was incredible, and I felt completely safe the whole time. Plus, everyone I encountered was so friendly and helpful and wanted to make sure I had a good experience while there. I was worried I’d get bored or lonely by myself, but there was so much to do and see that it was never a problem. I’d definitely recommend this area for solo travel, especially if you love history and the outdoors.”

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14. Cuzco, Peru

Cuzco, Peru

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“I lived in Cuzco, Peru for six months on my own when I was 22. It’s an extremely good city for foreigners because it has a large expat community, lots of English teaching jobs for native speakers, low cost of living and is extremely safe. It’s a very touristy place (Machu Picchu anyone?) so even if you don’t speak Spanish lots of locals know English. It’s gorgeous, the weather is good, night life is as good as America, the food is some of the best in the world…I can’t say anything bad. Literally the perfect place for young twentysomethings to go when they’re not teens but not quite ready for full on adulthood.”
—Katelyn Özdemir, Facebook

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16. South America

South America

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“I just recently returned from a four month solo trip through South America. It was simply amazing! I was nervous about traveling by myself to begin with, but as soon as I arrived in my first country, Chile, I fell into their way of life so easily.
Something no one ever tells you before you travel alone is that you are never really alone. You meet so many people who will be willing to do the things you want to do, with you! I met so many different people, which I don’t think would have happened if I had travelled with someone. El Chalten in Argentina was one of my favorite places here. It’s a small town set in the middle of a national park, so it’s surrounded by mountains, lakes and waterfalls. It has so many different walks you can do, both with tours or by yourself, so this is a great way to save some costs! I also really loved Buenos Aires. It was the most beautiful city in South America, & the ultimate place to see some real tango!”

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17. New Zealand

New Zealand

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“I lived in New Zealand for a year — moved there right after I turned 24 with a very simple-to-get visa for a working holiday. It was easy to find a job and I found that everyone was super friendly, interested in why I picked their little country, and of course the country is STUNNING. Never once did I feel unwelcome, and I met several other young foreign women traveling alone, many of whom hitch hiked around the country and couchsurfed to save money. The great part about working there was the really high minimum wage, and the cultural focus on work/life balance meant I made more than enough to live close to the beach and save for travel, plus I was entitled to paid vacation. If you’re thinking about it already, don’t — just go!”

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