Welsh actor Iwan Rheon seems to enjoy playing morally bankrupt characters on the bottom rung of humanity. On HBO’s hit drama Game of Thrones, Rheon played Ramsay Bolton, the show’s most sadistic, vile antagonist, for four seasons until he was finally killed off in the Season 6 stunner “Battle of the Bastards.” You’d think that after years of being The Most Hated Man on TV, the 31-year-old would want to play nice guys for a while — but nope. Not even close. In fact, Rheon’s next big role is playing a young Adolf Hitler in Adolf the Artist.

The TV film, which is part of Sky Arts’ Urban Myths collection of comedies, stars Rheon as Hitler during his bohemian art days — years before he became the dictator of the German Reich, initiated World War II, and killed millions of innocent people. A newly released trailer for the Urban Myths series gives us a glimpse of Rheon’s performance, as well as that of Harry Potter alum Rupert Grint, who’s tasked with playing “Hitler’s Friend.” (I guess if you were friends with a young Hitler, you wouldn’t want to identify yourself to the public?)

And if the idea of Ramsay Bolton and Ron Weasley playing Adolf Hitler and his friend wasn’t crazy enother, there’s also a film starring Joseph Fiennes as … Michael Jackson. This is sadly not fake news.

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