For the past two weeks, the internet’s been asking one single question: Where’s Walter?

Drake Bell from Drake & Josh stepped back into his iconic Drake Parker role and started the #WheresWalter trend on December 30. In a YouTube video, he admitted to fans his dad, Walter (Jonathan Goldstein), was missing. Bell appealed to viewers to look for his dad and help bring him home, showing fans the “last known” footage of Walter, which consisted of him digging in someone’s trash can.

When the initial vid dropped, fans went nuts and probably got lots of headaches since it makes you wonder, IS Drake & Josh coming back in some capacity? Or, this just a super fun mini-project conjured up by Bell and Goldstein for the fans? That’s what it seemed like, until more Drake & Josh actors started making videos, wondering where in the world is Walter Nichols.

Though we still don’t know what the end game of this #WheresWalter charade is, we’re enjoying the ride. In addition to making their own videos for the cause, fans are speculating about what exactly happened to Walter. Naturally, many blame Megan and Bruce Winchell because duh, but one fan also pointed out Walter’s “probably lunchin’ it up with this skunkbag,” a.k.a. Peggy Sherman, the woman with which Drake and Josh thought Walter was having an affair.

Of course, Goldstein is trolling us all by posting pics with Suite Life stars on Instagram and also getting kids to say, “Where’s Walter?”. Personally, I believe Walter was attacked by Walkers, based on his behind-the-scenes pic from the Fear the Walking Dead set, but that’s just me. Please come home, Walter. We miss you and your cumin-allergy self.


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