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    Andy is a passionate artist whose family has been building Rose Parade floats for generations. When her Dad gets sick, Andy is forced to take the helm and supervise the construction and decoration of their client’s float. And to make matters worse, she’s saddled with the extra challenge of dealing with a demanding businessman whose company commissioned the float.

    1. Obviously! What a lovely-sounding movie!

    2. It’s clearly not real!

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    A woman sets out to meet her fiancé’s family at Christmas and winds up at the wrong house. Once the mistake is corrected, she realizes that her bond with the wrong family — and their eligible son — was stronger than her bond with the right one.

    1. I hope it’s real — how romantic!

    2. This movie isn’t real!

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    Ever since she was a little girl, Julia has had one wish —to see the Northern Lights in person alongside someone she loves. When travelling into the city on Christmas Eve, her car breaks down just outside a roadside diner, and the handsome young truck driver who keeps her company might just be exactly what she’s looking for.

    1. This movie is definitely real!

    2. It’d be a miracle if this movie is real.

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    In the town of Manger, the annual Christmas performance of the Nutcracker ballet is the highlight of the season. For one audience member, the night turns out to be a bit more magical than she expected when the charming nutcracker invites her on stage to finish the performance.

    1. This movie is definitely real.

    2. There’s no way this movie exists.

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    Busy career woman, Elise MacReynolds, has no time nor desire to take part in Christmas festivities. However, a few twists of fate land Elise in the middle of her worst nightmare: Unemployed, newly single, and running her family’s Christmas tree lot for the dreaded holiday season.

    1. This movie is totally real!

    2. No way this is a real film.

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    Denise has never really been into Christmas, but when tragedy strikes, she discovers that a charming cashier and a little retail therapy are exactly what she needs to get through the holiday.

    1. This movie is real.

    2. This is not a real movie.

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    This Christmas, a young woman down on her luck is roped into an ice-sculpture contest with a wealthy partner who has no idea what he’s doing. As she teaches him how to sculpt, he helps her see that she has the talent to fulfill her dreams.

    1. This movie is so real!

    2. This movie is not real.

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    Clarisse, a former showjumping champion, spends most of her time nowadays working on the local ranch. But when Alastair, the resident donkey, falls ill the night before the big Christmas pageant, it’s up to Clarisse to use her knowledge of horses to save the donkey and save the show.

    1. Aww! This movie is real.

    2. I would neigh-ver watch this. It isn’t real!

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    At a Christmastime event, Jenna shares an impromptu, unforgettable kiss with the dashing billionaire, Cooper Montgomery. Unaware of his intentions and fearful of getting hurt in another relationship, Jenna vows to resist his charms, but begins to realize his affection is real as the two spend more time together.

    1. This movie seems real.

    2. The movie does not exist.

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