Singer/Rapper Kingston Boi’s newly released hit single i.e. Scary Place (Walking) makes it to the Trend City Hall of Fame. Trend City is a local Los Angeles based radio station with over 100,000 listeners. Scary Place has been sung in collaboration with the soulful artist SandMan.

The single hit #1 on the charts of Trend City on October 23rd, 2016. Kingston Boi started his musical career in 2013. Born in Arcadia, Florida, the singer has been working to inspire his audience with his music. His music including the single Scary Place have been stimulated by his two deceased daughters Alyssa Michelle Hillard (RIP) AND Marley Noelle Hillard (RIP).

The single begins with a soulful intro and further develops into a harmonious piece of music combining SandMan’s expertise with Kingston Boi’s rapping. The music video compliments the beat and the feel of the song. As always, the piece is rooted in and encouraged by real life events.

The new hot single “Scary Place (Walking)” is indeed a certified hit. Written & performed by artist KingstonBoi featuring the very soulful singer SandMan. The 2 make an excellent collaboration. Mixing real life situations & emotions with a pen & a pad. – Trend City

Kingston Boi clearly demonstrates the way struggles in his personal life have impacted him as a musician. The words are rousing for anyone that has faced hardships in their life, and have still managed to overcome all obstacles to success. The song is an excellent example of the amalgamation of real life experiences and artistic flair. It connects with the audience like any good piece of music should.