Take a trip down memory lane.

“Can’t Tell Me Nothing” — Kanye West

Why you loved it: Because when you were a teen you didn't think anyone could tell you to do anything.

Roc-a-Fella Records / Via youtube.com

“Incomplete” — Backstreet Boys

"Incomplete" — Backstreet Boys

Why you loved it: Because it was the freakin' BACKSTREET BOYS and you were nostalgic.

Jive Records / Via youtube.com

“Upgrade U” — Beyoncé feat. Jay Z

"Upgrade U" — Beyoncé feat. Jay Z

Why you loved it: Because it's a goddamn power song and made you feel irreplaceable. (See what we did there?)

Columbia Records / Via youtube.com

“Dirty Little Secret” — The All-American Rejects

"Dirty Little Secret" — The All-American Rejects

Why you loved it: Because you fantasized about dating a bad boy and also Tyson Ritter.

Interscope Records / Via youtube.com

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