Studio Ghibli’s harrowing epic of war and environmentalism, Princess Mononoke, is about to turn 20 years old and to celebrate it will return to cinemas across America for a special two-day screening.

Originally released in 1997, it was the top-grossing Japanese film of the year, and quickly became a favorite among fans of the illustrious studio (Studio Ghibli is responsible for some of the finest animation films ever produced, inspiring countless artists and filmmakers — you can read more about it here.) It was directed by the studio’s founder, Hayao Miyazaki, and portrayed a message of global preservation and conservation using a violent, hypnotic story steeped in Japanese mythology.

The two nights of screenings are being hosted by event management company Fathom Events and film distributor GKIDS. The first is the subtitled version, and will take place on January 5 — which also happens to be legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s 76th birthday. The second night, showing a dubbed version with voices by Billy Crudup, Claire Danes, Minni Driver, Gillian Anderson, Jada Pinkett Smith and Billy Bob Thornton, will take place on January 9.

You can find a cinema and book tickets for the January 5 event here and the January 9 event here.

In other news, Westworld has surpassed Game of Thrones as HBO’s most-watched first season ever.

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