While Kanye is reportedly home and well and already recording new music, it now appears that West is working with his pal Pete Rock for what could be the Turbo Grafx 16 album.

The below footage comes from Pete Rock′s private Instagram account, as the clip, which previews some of the project, is accompanied by the caption: “Playing 45s in da lab with Kanye West.” When the camera then pans upward, it highlights what appears to be a tracklist or a sample list of video games the two could be pulling from.

As for now, what ‘Ye and Pete Rock are working on is all speculation, but when we have more information, we’ll be sure to bring it to you.

1. Metroid Other

2. Muramasa the Demon Blade

3. New Super Mario Bros

4. No More Heroes 2

5. Okami

6. Pikmin 2

7. Rabbids Go Home

8. Red Steel 2

9. Resident Evil

10. Silent Hill

11. Sin & Punishment 2

12. Sonic Colors

13. Super Mario Galaxy Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

14. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

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