TRIPLE R is a music label that was founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 2013. The group consists of two local Jacksonville rappers who go by the names of RichJIT and D-Money who were born as Don and Davon. These talented rappers have traveled throughout Florida and Georgia performing. They have individual music that is sweeping the nation and singles that have taken the streets by storm.

Coming from what they love to do TRIPLE R has a single Called Ass Up Face Down that has become a Strip Club Anthem. They have open for Lil Boosie, Slicc Pulla and many more. You can catch RichJit and D-Money performing live on YouTube, Facebook or catch them on their Instagram and twitters @DMoneyRRR.

The two individual started out as childhood friends at the age of 8 years old and have always had a passion for music. It has become a natural for them doing something they enjoy. Their song Cashout when performing takes an impact on the club scene while performing live. RichJit always has a saying Turnup On everyone so it became one of their popular performing songs.

RichJit is considered one of the more talkative rappers he is always ready to go for whatever. D-Money is the laid back guy you can catch in the corner with his shades on. The two are living their dream and passion of music while taking over the music industry in Duval County. Their manager MoeMoeJack describe the two individuals as her Master Project. Their manager say’s their drive is unbelievable. From them getting in the streets passing out their own cd’s to them being in studio always trying to do what is needed to make their project better.

Triple R Recording Artist @DMoneyRRR Signs 5 Album Record Deal With @AmadaRecords!

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