ttAmada Records Introduces Tiny Tete’s New LP P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Trappa) 

Amada Records is a premier record label underneath the EAE Management Group umbrella and is distributed via QUE Records/Capitol Music Group. EAE Management Group owns and operates over thirty licensed radio stations and covers over thirty major markets. EAE Radio Networks averages more than 100,000 weekly listeners per station and expands to over 40 countries.

EAE Management Group services over 3,000 clients yearly and manage over 6,000 social media profiles. Providing services which range from brand development to physical music distribution, EAE Management Group delivers signature turn-key solutions for any client.

EAE Management Group offers an exclusive in-house revenue-based distribution formula, which enables artists to generate sales and exposure of their artistic work without entering into a 360 deal.

 The cool thing about this album is every inddependent artist that purchases this album, receives 60 days of FREE radioplay on KBEX-POWER 107.9 LA. Businesses also get to take advantage of this free radio play offer. See details here:
Booking For Tiny Tete: